Troy Davis homes designs are not only some of the most innovative but also some of the most aesthetically pleasing. tdh4Not only will you be proud to show off your new home, it will remain a better investment and have a higher resale value because of its unique curb appeal. At Troy Davis Homes, we have a wide array of plans to choose from. You are also welcome to bring your own plans in. We will customize your plans to build your new home the way you want it!

The defining touch of a Troy Davis Home is our attention to detail. From the ground up, your new home goes through a series of checklists to make sure it is not only safe to live in, but pleasing as well. Our attention to detail shows in the finish of your new home. A Troy Davis Home will be one you will be proud to have your friends (even your mother-in-law) visit. As one or more of the owners of Troy Davis Homes will actually be working on your new home, you can be assured we will build it right.



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