5 Huge Benefits of Building Your Custom Home on the Lot You Choose

Choosing your own lot and building a custom, dream home provides many huge benefits. Your new home should fit you and who really wants a cookie-cutter home with the same exact floor plan as the neighbors?

When you choose to invest in a custom home, the process usually starts with choosing your own lot. This is the best way to gain maximum benefit and really build the home you want. Here are five huge benefits of building your new custom home on the lot you pick out.

Less Community Restriction

Often, choosing a lot in an already established community or an existing home, means you have to follow the restrictions of the community. If you happen to be able to find a lot free of a homeowner’s association, you won’t have to deal with community restrictions. Sometimes, this is the case when you choose a lot in a community still getting established or a private lot outside of a subdivision or community.

blank propertyPotential of Getting a Larger Property Size

Do you imagine your dream home with a huge back yard and plenty of outdoor space? Choosing your lot first allows you to choose the size of the lot you prefer. In some cases, if the lot isn’t large enough for you, it may be possible to buy the adjacent lot and built your custom home on two lots instead of one. You may also have the unique opportunity to purchase a few acres of land instead of just a small lot in a subdivision.

You get to Choose Your Land

What if you don’t want to be at the end of the street or right at the entrance of the community? Maybe you prefer a view of the mountains or the lake. If you wait until most of the lots have been sold in your desired community, you may not have much of a choice. However, when there are plenty of lots available, you get to choose where you want to put your home.

Those desiring privacy may choose to buy multiple lots or larger lots in the back of a community for their luxury home. If you prefer a certain view, choosing the right lot gives you the freedom to choose your view and keep that view unobstructed from your custom home.

More Customization

Choosing to build a custom home on the lot you pick means you gain the freedom to customize things the way you prefer. With some communities and builders, you get a few choices, but you don’t gain the full ability to customize your home the way you choose.

Maybe you want larger outdoor areas or amenities not found in a normal home. Choose your own lot and you can customize your home how you feel without so many restrictions.

More Leeway for Additional Buildings

When you choose your own lot, you don’t have to deal with restrictions on outbuildings, guesthouses, detached garages or other buildings. Some established communities won’t allow any outbuildings at all. What if you want to create a guesthouse for your in-laws or you want a detached five-car garage?

Choosing your own lot allows you to not only avoid the restrictions of a homeowner’s association, but also get a lot large enough for the buildings you want. This is your custom home and you shouldn’t have to worry about what you can and cannot do with your property.

There are several advantages to choosing your lot before building your dream home. These are just five of the main advantages. It’s your land and you should be able to do what you want with it. If you want to build a real dream home, choose your lot first.

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