Troy Davis Home

While majoring in Industrial Construction Management at Colorado State University, Troy began working for his father-in-law’s building company. In 1976 Troy built his first home (his own) and discovered he was hooked.

He proceeded to sell that home and build another, and another, and another. By 1985, Troy Davis Homes was building over 200 homes a year in Denver, Colorado. Over the years Troy Davis Homes has built thousands of homes and has won numerous awards for their building designs and marketing.

Today, Troy Davis Homes has evolved into a family business. Troy and Bonnie’s four children are involved in the business, not only as owners, but also as employees. Sons, Troy “Buck”, Ben, and son-in-laws, Josh and Tim, work in the field adding the finishing touches to your new Troy Davis Home.

All Troy Davis Homes built are overseen by one of the family members to ensure you receive “Quality You’ll Appreciate”.

If you are interested in a Troy Davis Home, please contact Audrey for more information.


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